Female DJs

Female DJs is the first collaboration between SGS and Groove School.

Live stream for Make Music Day (June 21st)

This is an initiative to engage more young women in Lambeth (aged 16-24) to step into a male dominated field.

Female DJs runs alongside Sounds Like London – an initiative set up by Sadiq Khan which focuses on celebrating women in music, coinciding with the centenary of the women’s vote.

Groove School is a non for profit organisation focused on nurturing young people’s creativity and invention. SGS’ mission is to empower young musicians from Lambeth & encourage greater diversity in the music industry.

Female DJs brings together these visions to create a safe creative space for young women to thrive & learn new skills to empower them to take ownership of their musical directions.

Female DJs is hosted by GrooveSchool every Tuesday & Thursday from 4-6pm until the 1st week of July.

The group will learn DJ-based music production skills which they will put into practise with a live set at Lambeth Country Show on the 21st & 22nd of July.

If you’re interested in getting involved, get in touch here.