SGS are thrilled to have hosted their 2nd Summer Showcase, which took place on July 5th 2017 at a buzzy local venue, Brixton East 1871.

The summer showcase is a chance for SGS to celebrate the young, talented musicians that we have the chance to work with over the year, whilst giving them a platform to showcase their original material.

This year’s showcase featured young artists from The Grit School, along with SGS Alumni members. We also welcomed fresh new artists including our 5 finalists from this year’s Songwriting Competition – some of whom where performing live for the first time.

We were delighted to welcome our sponsor Orbitsound, who kindly contributed amazing prizes (ONEP70 bluetooth speakers) for the five songwriting finalists.

We would like to thank everyone involved for making this happen and we look forward to doing it all again next year! Finally, thanks to Mike from Brixton Buzz for writing about the event here.

“It was a treat to see the School Ground Sounds Summer Showcase 2017. The atmosphere was strikingly welcoming and inclusive, which meant performers of any age and level of experience could get up on stage with confidence. It was clear that all the musicians had been mentored with care, with their individual needs and interests thoughtfully considered. It’s amazing what School Ground Sounds has achieved in such a short time!”

Jennifer Raven, Programme Manager, Sound Connections

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Tom founded SGS in 2014, while working as a teacher in South London. He previously co-ran Bristol Couch, a platform for unsigned artists. Tom will be posting new videos and updates.

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